Annual conference papers

2008 AES International Conference Perth - Presentations

Balan, M - Do participation and the use of participatory approaches in development projects and programs really matter?

Bayley, S - Improving project program and policy performance etc
Bessen, B - Evaluation on Natural resource Management

Bost, J - Going “above and below the line” to tell the performance story – A case study of an aid project in Eastern Indonesia

Campbell-Brophy, E - Using change management frameworks to add value to healthcare evaluations

Chesterton, Pl - Professional Learning in Evaluation

Cowey, L - Recommendations: Getting the Big Tick (can evaluators learn anything from the policy wonks?)

Cram, F- Evaluating my Relations

Cumming, B - Evaluation Of A Large, Complex Multi-Issue Program

Cummings, R - Evaluating Sustainability in Public Programs

Dowden, A - Gathering an evidence base for value-laden decisions - out of the frying pan and into the ...

Dunt, D - Evaluating community-based early childhood development initiatives: Experience from Victoria

Fenton, K - Enhancing the Evaluation Ethos in the Victorian Government Sector

Fitzgerald, N - Understanding Project Participants: adding value through Stakeholder Analysis

Hancock, K - Optimising Value: The Sheriff/Community Development Officers Initiative and the Challenges of Undertaking Evaluation in Remote Aboriginal Communities

Hannum, K - The Influence of Social Identity on Evaluation Practice: Enhancing Culturally Responsive Evaluation

Hannum, K - Evaluating with the Greater Good in Mind: Applying the Organizational Elements Model to Leadership Development Evaluation

Harrison, N - Progressing the AES Indigenous Strategy

Harrison, N- More than Evaluation

Harvey, G -School Self-evaluation: supporting effective enquiry

Hyde, S - When the Data Doesn't Add Up

Ikin, K - Adding Value while Building Capacity: The Development of a Process for Cyclical School Reviews

Kimlin, R - SNAICC “Through Young Black Eyes” (TYBE)

King, C - Theories of Action as a team sport

Lavicka, D - Optimising 'Bang for Buck in Evaluation

Leahy, S - Evaluation of Intensive Family Based Service

Leeuw, F - Adding Value to Evaluations

Lennie, J - Challenges, issues and contradictions in a participatory impact assessment project in Nepal

Malin, M - Strenthening the evaluation capacity of Aboriginal community services

Markiewicz, A - The Politics of Evaluation: What does this mean for independence and objectivity?

Maskey, R - Assessment of Catchment Partnership Health: a use of a Goal Attainment Scale technique

McConney, A - Secondary analysis of large-scale international datasets in the service of national education policy evaluation: The case of PISA Australia.

McCormack, C - Effective reporting of quantitative data

McCormack, C - Are they answering what we think we're asking? The importance of pre-testing survey questions using cognitive interviews

McGeary, J - Murphy, Nietzsche and the art of managing external evaluations

McNeil, R - Conducting Participatory Evaluation with Community Based Early Childhood Initiatives

Millar, L - Conjoint Value Hierarchy analysis and the measurement of value in the National Continence Management Strategy

Miller, W - Who is being served? A critical view of national school breakfast program outcomes utilising empowerment evaluation

Mitchell, S - Collaborative development of evaluation capacity and tools for natural resource management

Mitchell, S - Collaborative development of evaluation capacity and tools for natural resource management

Moyle, D 2.perth presentation Evaluation and PARE

Neale, J - Evaluating the Student Experience

O'Brien-Malone, A - Evidence and Policy Making: the Evaluator Contribution

Owen, J - Dealing with Values in the Evaluation of Large-Scale Programs

Palmer, K - Connections and leverage to improve baseline studies - Roundtable

Piggot-I - Adding Value to Evaluation: A New Wave Approach that Works

Pinto, D - The Need for a Theoretical Model of International Best Evaluation and Practice of Anti Money Laundering

Plowman, C - Evaluating Indigenous Programs - Balancing Public and Political Value

Premakanthan, S - Developing Staff Resourcing Standards Using Industrial Engineering (IE) Work Quantification Techniques

Premakanthan, S - “Planning for Gathering Performance Results Evidence for Improved Measurement, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting of Achievements”

Premakanthan, S - “Assessing Organizational and Evaluation Excellence Using Total Quality and Environmental Management Systems Approaches”

Pritchard, E - Balancing practice ideals and the diverse needs, values and expectations of local, national and international stakeholders – How World Vision Australia optimizes value in evaluation in international community development.

Reed, C - Whose values? Implications of the use of proxies in the measurement of health outcomes for program improvement and evaluation

Reynolds, P - Retention, Participation and Engagement: Mapping the attainments of 15-17 year olds in Western Australia 2001-2008

Roberts, K - Identifying and measuring empowerment

Roberts, J - Making MERI (Monitoring, Evaluating, Reporting and Improvement) with natural resource management in Australia.

Roughley, A - Evaluating natural resource management programs: an exercise in integration

Sharp, C - Join the Fellows in Reflecting on the Theme: Evaluation – Adding Value - Optimising Values

Smith, G - :Performance management, measurement and audit

Spicer, D - Food Safety Evaluation: Raising the Standards

Unger, Z - Developing Future Research Leaders: Evaluation of the Group of Eight (Go8) Universities Program

Walker, M -An adaptive management protocol:planning evaluation for collaborative water management

Wehipeihana, N - Indigenous Evaluation - a journey beyond participatory and collaborative approaches in evaluation

Westhorp, G - Realist Qualitative Analysis

Wijesekere, G - Public-sector reforms and evaluation practice in Australia

Williams, S - Applying benchmarking to evaluation studies

Williams, V - Vague Clarity: How do we measure that?

Young, S - Action Research: Negotiating an evaluation base with disparate stakeholders

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