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Closing date: Wednesday 22nd December 2021 

The UNESCO Evaluation Office is currently seeking proposals from qualified individual consultants and/or evaluation companies to conduct the corporate Evaluation of UNESCO’s work on teacher development. 

UNESCO is the UN agency mandated with promoting education and has been designated as the custodian of Sustainable Development Goal 4 on access to quality education. To achieve this ambition, UNESCO’s work has focused amongst other on the development of teachers, as essential actors of the field of education, capable of instilling learning. Quality education cannot be guaranteed without initially guaranteeing the quality of teaching.

Australian Volunteers International
Closing date: Thursday 9th December 2021
Contact for further information:

The Australian Volunteers Program aims to document outcomes related to assignments and partner organisations working on disability inclusion in their programs across the 26 program countries. The main objective of this review is to document the stories of change relating to the developmental outcomes of existing partner organisations that have disability inclusion as part of their program, and the contribution of Australian volunteers to those outcomes.

Australian Volunteers Program
Closing date: Friday 17th December 2021
Contact for further information: Jake Phelan 

The MEL Unit of the Australian Volunteers Program is seeking short-term technical advice on approaches to analysing contribution. We are looking for a consultant to work with us to consider options as to how we can strengthen our existing approach to case study collection (based on Outcome Harvesting) and use multiple cases to analyse contribution; to discuss the theory and attempt (in a limited way) the practice.

We are hoping to find an individual consultant with demonstrated experience in outcome harvesting, process tracing, and/or contribution analysis, who is willing and able to take an innovative approach to the use of different methods. An interest in participatory methods, and experience in evaluating international development and/or partner capacity strengthening programs would also be desirable.

Australian Red Cross
Closing date: Tuesday 14th December 2021
Contact for further information:  Leanne Kelly and/or Mary Hajistassi

The South Australian Community-Led Emergency Resilience (CLER) project is funded by the National Australia Bank (NAB) and will run from September 2021 to December 2022. The project aims to strengthen community resilience through a series of workshops that bring community leaders together to assess their community’s strengths and risks. This includes a process of measuring their community resilience. The community leaders then plan, design, and implement local activities with their communities to improve resilience baselines. The project is running across three locations in South Australia. As the project is founded on community development principles of bottom-up, participatory action, we would like the evaluation to be community-led with much of the evaluator's role centred on evaluation capacity building. Please see the attached brief for more details.

Closing date: Tuesday 30th November 2021
Contact for further information:  Mr. El Bah 

Serving as a laboratory of ideas, UNESCO helps countries adopt international standards and manages programmes that foster the free flow of ideas and knowledge sharing. Producing and disseminating high quality knowledge is a central activity of the Social and Human Sciences (SHS) sector of UNESCO. This includes the collection, analysis and production of data and information in the form of tools, databases, policy briefs, international norms and standards, thematic research-based publications, etc.

Pacific Island Health Officers Association
Closing date: Tuesday 30th November 2021

All prospective respondents are required to register their interest in applying for this RFP via email to PIHOA’s Deputy Director, Janet Camacho, at , and PIHOA’s Programs and Operations Administrator, Cerina Mariano, at . Changes or clarifications made on this RFP will be communicated with all prospective respondents through the registered point of contact.

Closing date: Sunday 21st November 2021
Contact for further information: 

PROSPERA is looking for a PERFORMANCE (MEL) ADVISER to to lead and support policy change and value for money (including economic) evaluation and reporting, knowledge management and communication across Prospera. The Adviser will also contribute to quality assurance of advisory and Australian agency workplans, and support implementing teams for monitoring and evaluation. Prospera is a flexible and adaptive economic governance facility, the successful candidate will have strong skills in evaluating policy and institution change in a dynamic environment. The candidate will also enjoy working with all Prospera teams to capture the story of Prospera’s work across important economic development areas in Indonesia.

PROSPERA is a partnership facility between the Government of Australia (through Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and the Government of Indonesia. It aims to foster strong, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth in Indonesia. Commencing from 1 March 2018, PROSPERA is a planned five-year investment.

Cardno International Development
Closing date: Sunday 28th November 2021

JSS4D is seeking proposals from suitably qualified organisations to develop survey instruments and conduct fieldwork related to the PNG Community and Business Perception of Crime and Justice Service provision.

JSS4D Phase 2 is an Australian Government funded program to support the law and justice sector in PNG. The program seeks to support stakeholders to implement longer-term planning, consolidate development knowledge through M&E activities, and leverage additional resources for inclusive justice services, including from the private sector. Aligning with the CSEP, the JSS4D program will contribute to the GoPNG-GoA partnership goal of private sector development and human development in PNG, underpinned by a just, safe and secure society for all.

Stepping Stone Clubhouse
Closing date: Tuesday 30th November 2021
Contact for further information: 

Queensland Health has commissioned Stepping Stone, in collaboration with the QMHC, to undertake an evaluation to measure the effectiveness of our programs in achieving evidence based outcomes.

The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Clubhouse programs in achieving increased quality of life of members, where quality of life includes:

  • Mental and physical wellbeing;
  • Relationships with other people;
  • Social, community, and civic activities;
  • Personal development and fulfillment; and
  • Recreation and fun.