Special contribution to evaluation:
Fellows of the AES

Members who have made a long-term and wide-ranging contribution to the AES and the field of evaluation are recognised through a special category of membership called 'Fellow of the AES'. They share their outstanding expertise and experience in evaluation by providing advice to the organisation and contributing at our professional learning events.

The nomination process

Nominations open in June each year and successful nominations are usually announced at the Gala Awards Dinner held during the annual AES International Evaluation Conference.

Meet the Fellows

A number of Fellows were interviewed by Anthea Rutter. These interviews can be found on the AES Blog.

Lyn Alderman
Lyn AldermanQueensland 2021
Anona Armstrong
Anona ArmstrongVictoria 2003
Scott Bayley
Scott BayleyAust. Capital Territory 2016
Amohia Boulton
Amohia BoultonNew Zealand 2022
Darrel Caulley†
Darrel Caulley† Victoria 2005
Sharon Clarke
Sharon ClarkeSouth Australia 2022
Janet Clinton
Janet ClintonVictoria 2021
Rick Cummings
Rick CummingsWestern Australia 2013
Jess Dart
Jess DartVictoria 2021
Sue Funnell
Sue FunnellNew South Wales 2003
John Guenther
John GuentherNorthern Territory 2023
Penny Hawkins
Penny HawkinsNew Zealand 2009
Dorothy Lucks
Dorothy LucksWestern Australia 2021
Anne Markiewicz
Anne MarkiewiczVictoria 2015
Chris Milne
Chris MilneNew South Wales 2003
Jenny Neale†
Jenny Neale†New Zealand 2015
Marion Norton
Marion NortonQueensland 2023
John Owen
John OwenVictoria 2003
Patricia Rogers
Patricia RogersVictoria 2016
Anthea Rutter
Anthea RutterVictoria 2016
Colin Sharp
Colin SharpSouth Australia 2003
Ralph Straton
Ralph StratonWestern Australia 2004
Ian Trotman
Ian TrotmanNew Zealand 2003
Zita Unger
Zita UngerVictoria 2013
Yoland Wadsworth
Yoland WadsworthVictoria 2007
Nan Wehipeihana
Nan WehipeihanaNew Zealand 2021
Gill Westhorp
Gill WesthorpNew South Wales 2019
Jerome Winston
Jerome WinstonVictoria 2004
Alan Woodward
Alan Woodward New South Wales 2019

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