AES Awards for Excellence in Evaluation

Awards and Recognition Working Group

Role of Chairperson

To lead, co-ordinate and be accountable to the AES Board for the activities of the Awards and Recognition Working Group (ARWG) in contributing to the achievement of the Society’s aims.

Specific responsibilities

  • Identify needs for, and design, Awards that will contribute to the achievement of the Society’s objects and its strategic priorities.
  • Generate interest in the submission of nominations.
  • Establish and promulgate criteria by which nominations will be assessed.
  • Administer the Awards processes.
  • Assess nominations in the light of clear and agreed criteria that are consistent with evaluation standards and ethics.
  • Make recommendations to the AES Board concerning the recipients of the Awards.
  • Manage continuity of the ARWG, including succession planning.

Membership: Composition, appointment, duration

The ARWG consists of a number of members that might vary from time to time, one of whom is approved by the AES Board as Chairperson. A member may fill the role of Chairperson for a maximum of three consecutive years. Two members filling the role of Chairperson as co-chairs is also possible.

ARWG membership is determined as follows.

  1. Nominations are sought in accordance with a five-year rolling program of membership.

  2. A nominee must have been a member of the AES for at least three years.

  3. Nominees must be prepared to commit time to the annual Awards planning, administration and assessment processes, usually around a week of effort each year.

  4. ARWG members should reflect the diversity of AES members’ backgrounds and include, to the extent possible, an appropriate gender balance.

  5. ARWG members must include assessors of the Awards Indigenous Assessment Panel, who are appointed by the Indigenous members of the AES Board and the Indigenous Culture and Diversity Committee. At least two Indigenous assessors will be members of the ARWG, reflecting an appropriate gender balance where possible.

  6. In the event that no nominations for membership to fill vacant positions are received, or that none of the nominations received meet the above criteria, the ARWG and/or the AES Board may co-opt an appropriate person/s to join the Working Group.

  7. An ARWG member is not eligible to be nominated for an Award for the duration of their membership and is not eligible to be nominated for an Award for at least one year after they cease being an ARWG member.

How Awards are introduced, removed, varied or consolidated

In keeping with the specific responsibilities of the ARWG above, AES Awards categories can be introduced, removed, varied or consolidated as part of a regular review process. All proposals are considered first by the ARWG, then submitted to the AES Board as recommendations for its consideration and decision.

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