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Parenting Research Centre

Parenting Research Centre

The Parenting Research Centre is a leading not-for-profit research and development organisation, with offices in Sydney and Melbourne and staff based in other cities across Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

Since our inception in 1997, we established ourselves as a proven, highly qualified and respected medium-sized supplier of research, development, implementation and evaluation services for the federal government and for other state and territory government and non-governmental agencies. We have successfully contributed to research and policy on parenting and family support, with extensive experience providing these services across child education and care, child development, disability and child welfare sectors both in Australia and internationally.

The Parenting Research Centre works with and supports our funders to find practical solutions by:

  • Making evidence more accessible and useful to them through synthesising, translating and exchanging knowledge
  • Offering ways to design and implement parenting supports that are innovative, effective, sustainable and evidence-based
  • Conducting rigorous applied research that helps them evaluate and improve the quality of their policies, programs and services.

The Parenting Research Centre offers a complete end-to-end service and we can customise any one aspect of our work to suit the needs of our clients. We emphasise co-designed approaches and working collaboratively with our clients. This allows us to deliver tailored, outcomes-focused solutions based on the best available evidence.

The Parenting Research Centre has a strong commitment to achieving better outcomes for children by increasing effectiveness and fostering innovation in the way families are supported in their parenting. We do this by seeking, developing and disseminating evidence and best practice in supporting services, systems, families, parents, children and young people to have access to the best possible information and resources.


Address 697 Collins Street, Docklands 3004, Australia
Phone 03 8660 3500
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