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Pathways cover 250We are pleased to be launching Pathways to advance professionalisation within the context of the Australasian Evaluation Society, a study we commissioned from BetterEvaluation/ Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG). This report explores various avenues that AES could undertake to progress professionalization of evaluation as a discipline in our region.

The report provides a strong framework based on four broad change theories: increasing motivation, increasing capacity, increasing opportunity for professional practice, and gatekeeping. It outlines four pathway options.

  • Option 1 no change
  • Option 2 focusing, connecting, and augmenting current activities
  • Option 3 a system of voluntary credentialing
  • Option 4 a fully licensed and regulated profession

The AES Board has endorsed Option 2, with a view to moving toward Option 3. The Learning and Professional Practice Committee (LPP) of the AES is developing a strategic plan to implement this decision.


Download the report

BetterEvaluation blogs

Pathways to professionalisation - Part 1: Professionalisation within the context of the AES
In part 1 of this two-part blog series, Greet Peersman and Patricia Rogers introduce the ‘Pathways to advance professionalisation within the context of the AES’ project and report. They explore the four pathways identified in the report: 1) Ad hoc, disconnected activities; 2) Focused, connected and strategic activities; 3) Voluntary credentialing of evaluators; and 4) Regulated and licensed profession, and discuss their recommendation that the Australasian Evaluation Society follow a pathway of focused, connected and strategic activities, with a view to considering a voluntary credentialing process down the track.

Pathways to professionalisation - Part 2: Options for professionalisation
In the previous blog in this series, Greet Peersman and Patricia Rogers introduced the ‘Pathways to advance professionalisation within the context of the AES’ project and report. A major feature of this report is the exploration of 41 activities and approaches that can be used to advance the professionalisation of monitoring and evaluation and the conclusion of this two-part series looks at these approaches in more detail. We believe these activities are likely to be of considerable interest to others who are undertaking or planning evaluation capacity strengthening activities and we encourage you to share your feedback and thoughts on these activities at the end of this blog.

Join the conversation

We want to hear your thoughts on this report to help us shape the future direction of the AES in implementing the Option 2. Please join the conversation over July to October this year.

  • Send your questions about the report and its implementation by Monday 13 August to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Attend a webinar with the report authors, Patricia Rogers and Greet Peersman, to answer your questions and discuss broad directions with the LPP. The webinar will be held in late August (details to follow).
  • Add your reflections in the comments section of the BetterEvaluation blogs
  • Participate in a facilitated consultation at the aes18 Conference in Launceston at 9:30am on Thursday 20 September.
  • Get involved in regional discussions with members (details to follow)

Next steps

The Learning and Professional Practice Committee (LPP) of the AES Board will draw on the input from members to develop an action plan, which it will present to the AES Board meeting for approval in November 2018.