Date and time: Monday 19 September 2022, 12.30 - 1.30pm AEST 
Topic: Brown Bag Lunch Seminar: post AES22 reflection
Presenter: Dr Julie Elliott with members of the ACT Committee
Venue: KPMG Office, 1 Constitution Ave, Canberra ACT 2600
Register online by: 
noon 16 September 2022

This is a free seminar organised by the Canberra Regional Network Committee of the AES. Our regular events provides an opportunity for you to meet with AES members and others in the evaluation community and to share and learn from the experiences of fellow evaluators. 

Seminar overview

What is sitting with you and feels important from the AES22 conference, and what are you doing about it?
AES22ADL provided the perfect space for reconnecting with old friends after a two year COVID-induced hiatus, and for meeting new like-minded friends.
The conference theme ‘Weaving evaluation into the whole’ promoted exploration of new ways of evaluating and supported the vision of bringing together the values and views of the many players involved in the evaluation process.
Conference participants brought their own expectations, and soaked up their own unique set of fantastic and thought provoking skill building workshops, keynote presentations and concurrent sessions. Many shared their evaluation insights and experiences through delivering presentations. Ultimately we each left AES22 with our own observations of contemporary evaluation and how it is evolving.

This brown-bag lunchtime session is for ACT based AES members and other interested evaluators who attended the conference and those who didn’t. We want to step back together and reflect on the unfolding role of evaluation and evaluators highlighted at AES22. Nurturing an evaluative attitude is critical in the broad and complex role of evaluating and on-going professional development. Now that the dust (and hopefully the pollen too) has started to settle, we will review what is still sitting with us, continues to feel important and what we are doing about it. Thought provoking insights from our keynote presentations will provide a useful framing for our reflections.

  •  Nan Weihipeihan’s challenge to stewards of public good and be brave by including questions of equity and calling out inequity.
  •  Professor Katina D’Onise’s example of evaluative thinking and rapid responses to public health challenges in the time of COVID-19.
  • Associate Professor Amy Gullickson’s ideas about evaluator’s soul and maturity, and the implications of our role as caretakers.

Presenter background

Dr Julie Elliott is a member of the AES Canberra Regional Network Committee.

Notes: Please RSVP as numbers at the venue are limited. Feel welcome to bring along your lunch.

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