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AES Awards for Excellence in Evaluation

The AES Awards for Excellence in Evaluation are awarded annually and recognise exemplary evaluation practice, evaluation systems or evaluation capacity building in Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Pacifica). Awarded annually, the awards provide significant peer recognition for leading evaluators, leading evaluations and evaluation best practice. The award recipients represent best-in-class for each Award category.

Evaluations are a partnership between the commissioner, the evaluator, and the participants of the project. For evaluative projects, the Awards recognise the role of all the partners, not just the evaluators. The Awards are announced and presented at the AES International Conference Awards Dinner each year. All nominees are invited to attend the conference or nominate someone to attend on their behalf.

We encourage all recipients to play an active role in promoting excellence in evaluation. Award recipients are encouraged to consider ways in which their knowledge and experience may be shared with others.

2017 Awards Winners

Previous Awards Winners