AES Awards 
for Excellence in Evaluation 

Value for Investment is an innovative, exemplary evaluation system that integrates theory and practice from evaluation and economic disciplines to inform judgements and decision making. Initially developed though Julian King’s doctoral research it is a flexible and collaborative approach that can be applied to all domains and program types.

This study was incorporated in a review of the first medically supervised injecting room set up in Melbourne. It took place within a challenging and politically charged environment and over several years. 

Ruth received the award for her paper "‘I’m sorry but I can’t take a photo of someone’s capacity being built’: Reflections on evaluation of Indigenous policy and programmes”, from the Evaluation Journal of Australasia Vol 19, Issue 2, 2019: Link.

The paper presents clear, robust research on evaluation with evidence presented and a number of 'tools' (e.g. rubric with a worked example) which could be used by practitioners in their work.

Amanda Mottershead has been selected for the Award based on a substantial piece of work she undertook in a difficult environment, with good references to how issues such as professionalism and ethics were managed.

ARTD and KBHAC have developed a practice framework that brings together best practice trauma-informed approaches, is strongly evidence based and harnesses the voice of survivors to shape the work. Importantly, it articulates what survivors, descendants and program participants can expect from KBHAC.