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We are now taking nominations for the 2019 Awards

2019 Awards nomination webinar

Nominators are strongly encouraged to attend an AES Zoom webinar on the Awards scheduled for Monday 29 April 2019, 40 minutes, commencing 12:00 AEST. The webinar will cover the steps involved in the nomination process, the different Awards categories, and how to ensure a complete nomination is submitted.
Date and time: 29 April 12:00 midday AEST

The AES Awards for Excellence in Evaluation are designed to encourage and recognise outstanding contributions to the theory, practice and use of evaluation. Different awards are focused on different areas of the evaluation field such as the conduct of discrete program evaluations, development of evaluation systems, and for evaluation related publications.

The annual awards provide significant peer recognition for leading evaluators, leading evaluations, evaluation best practice and emerging evaluators. Receiving an award offers significant peer recognition that has often proven an important contributor to professional and commercial success, and academic career progression.

The AES views evaluations as a partnership between the commissioner, the evaluator and the participants of the project. The awards recognise the role of all the partners to an evaluation project, not just the evaluators.

The AES encourages all Award recipients to play an active role in promoting excellence in evaluation. Award recipients will be asked to consider ways in which their knowledge and experience may be shared with others, and may be asked to contribute to articles and other promotions about the Awards.

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