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Australian Evaluation Society Inc. Leading Evaluation in Australia

The  AES Constitution (2015) was formally adopted by a Special General Meeting of Members in May 2015. It was written to ensure congruence with the transfer of entity status to a public company limited by guarantee, as well as providing a statement of inclusiveness of Indigenous peoples in the preamble:

The AES aims to be inclusive of the diverse communities that make up its membership. It aims to be inclusive of members’ nations, backgrounds, genders and abilities. One way that this inclusiveness is implemented is that the AES board at any given time shall include, to the extent available, representatives of the groups that make up the AES community, and have representation from Indigenous peoples.

The AES recognises the unique position and contribution of Indigenous peoples in Australia, New Zealand and the many nation states of the wider Australasian Pacific region. To that end, as a society, and in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect, the AES supports and affirms the rights of Indigenous peoples as outlined in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. 

 Download the AES Constitution (2015)